NewsMatch 2021

Dear Reader – 

We believe in the power of regional journalism to spark positive change. And whether you’re new to the Sierra Nevada Ally or have been with us from the very beginning, you know that our nonprofit reporting fills a critical need in our community. 

The funding we raise during NewsMatch will set us up for 2022—sustaining the kind of journalism that you’ve come to expect from us and making possible some new ventures.

We have big plans for next year, a mission-aligned practice of public-powered journalism, a fresh way of reporting to:

  • Deploy a civic partnership strategy
  • Empower our communities with vital news and information that fosters engagement
  • Provide equitable information access – no paywall
  • Better reflect the diversity of our communities
  •  Amplify the voices of residents, community leaders, and community-based organizations 

Without you, this list is just a list. With you, we can turn these dreams into reality. If you give by December 31st, NewsMatch will maximize your investment in us by matching your donation. So what are you waiting for? 

Will you support independent news that works for you?

I believe in the work you’re doing, Donate now