I fall in love like

Poem by M. Colton Brodeur

I Fall

I fall in love like
Leaves fall from trees like
Phones fall from fingers like
Fresh snow in a breeze

It’s not intentional
Not rational or
I’m passionate
About people.

 I’m in love with anyone whose
Name is a season
Who has intricate tattoos
Who’s sad for no reason

I’m in love with anyone who
Drinks black coffee
Until they can’t sit still
Whose dreams are lofty

I’m in love with any girl who
Curses like sailors
And boys that would never
And self-proclaimed failures

I’m in love with everyone who
Crossed many borders
Who traveled the world
Who have social disorders 

I’m in love with people that
Are in love with people that
Will never feel the same way
Who carry on in spite of that

I’m in love with passers-by who
Make eye contact and smile wide
Who whistle aimlessly
Who take accidents in stride

I’m in love with anyone who
Loves their dog more than God
Who creates without limits
Who acts in spite of shitty odds 

I’m in love with people who
Break from the mold
In any small way
For me it never gets old 

I’m in love with people and
I’m not ashamed to tell them
It’s part of who I am
It’s carved into my brainstem

If you’re in love with anyone
And never let them know
Then you’re denying your own heart
The chance ever to grow.

Colton did the majority of their growing up in Carson City, and after a decade working in California as a professional Theatre Artist and technician, they have returned to their home town with the goal of contributing to a growing community of artists, hoping ultimately that it might make Carson City a more inviting place for queer and neurodivergent folk. Poetry is their first love, and after many years of writing as a passionate hobby, they are taking their first steps toward becoming a professional poet.

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