Lift the Streets

Hot August Nights in Reno, 2022.

A woman driving in the passenger seat of a vintage convertible, films on her DSLR camera. When they reach the Reno arch she stands and points the camera up at the monument then leans back so she’s laying on the back of the car’s exterior. Her smile is huge. 

Wanna Race? – Image: Dani DeRosa
Is it Always Sunny in Reno? – Image: Dani DeRosa

Fellow observers cheer for Mardi Gras necklaces. Kids crouch to collect lollipops and small bags of candy thrown from vintage Thunderbirds and Corvettes. Sirens and horns have their own category for speculation. Is that a rusty ice-cream van playing Mozart? No, it’s Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Was that the Scooby-Doo mystery van? No, a bit too green.

A Rare Purple Car Sighting – Image: Dani DeRosa 

The sun sets on Reno’s murals and a multicolored pickup with a purple flourish on its fender. Nearby food trucks and vendor booths start to glow with the procession of colorful headlights. 

Ready to Rock n Roll, Mostly Roll – Image: Dani DeRosa

Helping hands are quick to push when a car stalls. 

Dani DeRosa is the Sierra Nevada Ally’s Civic Action Coordinator. She is a multimedia journalist from Sparks, Nevada driven to serve stigmatized and underserved populations and has done so in both healthcare and as a grassroots events coordinator. She’s led entrepreneurial workshops with both The Holland Project and Reno Bike Project.

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