Carson Tahoe Health begins COVID-19 vaccination process of staff

Hospital functioning at near capacity

Carson Tahoe Health received their initial allotment of the COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine yesterday. This is the first-shot of a two-shot regiment, and like all other healthcare facilities, it is distributed in a tiered platform starting with those who have the most exposure to COVID-19 patients. 

Vaccinations of the most vulnerable and high-risk frontline workers who choose to receive the vaccine began today, Wednesday, December 16 and will be administered in tiered stages. These phases (and preliminary groups receiving the vaccine first) were determined by the mandatory state guidelines for distribution. 

More than 400 vaccine doses were handed off to the pharmacy in two separate deliveries and are being stored and properly refrigerated in preparation for the immunization process.

The 2nd vaccine delivery arriving at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center on December 16, 2020 – photo: Carson Tahoe Health

Carson Tahoe Health anticipates that all employees and medical staff who choose to receive the vaccination will be fully immunized over the course of the next 8 weeks. 

As the COVID-19 vaccine inoculation process begins, Carson Tahoe is also addressing the current surge of inpatients, and steadily functioning at near capacity. As part of a plan to accommodate a surge in COVID-19 patients, the hospital continues to methodically add capacity as they implement the use of alternate care sites and onboard additional staffing resources. 

In place from the beginning of the pandemic, the surge plan allows CTH to utilize non-traditional areas within its facilities to add extra-staffed beds and provide safe care for the increased volumes of inpatients.

“The arrival of the vaccine is particularly encouraging given this time of year. It’s a wonderful Christmas gift,” said Alan Garrett, President & CEO of Carson Tahoe Health. “Protecting our staff is critical to remain on-top-of the steady increase of COVID inpatients and to continue to take great care of our community.”


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