Assembly Republicans 32nd Special Session Sine Die Statement

The following is a statement from the Republican Assembly Caucus:

The 32nd Special Session concluded with the Nevada Legislature prioritizing certain special interest groups over Nevada families.  What we saw from start to finish was a rushed process where a litany of hyper-partisan bills were passed under the cover of night, with multiple unanswered questions, and little to no input from experts or the public.

“Apparently every day is Christmas for left-leaning special interest groups in Nevada.  Elections have consequences and we are certainly seeing those consequences right now,” said Assembly Republican Leader Dr. Robin Titus (R-District 38).  “I have never seen a legislative body so open to the whims of unions and other special interest groups all to the detriment of Nevada’s economy.  What we saw during this special session was an all-out assault on Nevada’s law enforcement, healthcare industry, mining industry, and worst of all our children’s ability to receive a quality education.  Plainly put, Nevada is much worse off today than it was just one week ago.”

“Our counterparts have remained silent and complacent throughout the whole process letting special interest groups call the shots,” said Assemblyman Tom Roberts (R-District 13).  ”Democrats have given Nevadans a taste of what to expect if they are in charge again.  We need to focus on policies that help Nevada’s comeback and that guide us through the greatest crisis in our state’s history.”

“Balance in government, transparency, honest debate over facts, true vetting of policy proposals, and collaboration on final solutions lead to better outcomes on behalf of the 3 million Nevadans we collectively serve.  Unfortunately, almost none of that was present in these past two special sessions.  The Assembly Republican Caucus will continue to work over this election cycle to bring back greater balance in the 2021 Legislative Session,” said Assemblywoman Jill Tolles ( R-District 25).


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