Governor Sisolak speaks with President Trump – petitions for hospitality industry relief

According to a press release from Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak, earlier today the Governor spoke with President Trump and requested that any potential aid recovery package include the hospitality industry.

According to the release, given the reliance on tourism and hospitality as main drivers of the Nevada economy, the push by the Governor was intended to focus directly on stabilizing the Nevada workforce in the revitalization efforts.

Below is a transcript of the portion of the call.

Governor Steve Sisolak: “I’d like to ask one big thing of you. I know that you’re looking at potential recovery packages already, and stimulus, and we’ve talked about the airlines and the cruise ships, and I would like for you to consider including the hospitality industry in that. I have unfortunately had to shut down the Strip in Las Vegas and tens of thousands of hospitality workers have been displaced as a result of that. While they are getting some kind of compensation and filing for unemployment, anything to help that we can get from your end to help with the facilitation of getting our economy back going again would go a long, long way.  This is our number one industry in Nevada … it would definitely be helpful if we could include them in any recovery package that is brought forward.”

Again, from the release:

During the exchange, the President responded positively to the Governor’s suggestions, and assured the Governor that would be something that he and his staff would consider.

Governor Sisolak will continue working with the federal delegation to bring necessary federal funding and resources to Nevada to combat this public health crisis and the inevitable devastating impacts on our economy.


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