Nevada state government to freeze hiring

In an email to University of Nevada Reno department chairs and directors, UNR president Marc Johnson said Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has asked the university system to freeze hiring.

“Governor Sisolak has called for a hiring freeze throughout state government.  The motivation for this is that this coronavirus is killing the tourism/convention industry and 40% of state revenues comes from taxing these industries.  We must prepare for a state budget shortfall and we will have to be ready (cash reserves) for such a potential state budget reduction.  We need to be careful about operating spending in preparation for this eventuality. Campuses have been given search and hire authority with reporting to the Chancellor.  So, from this day forward please request, with justification, any essential positions you want to open searches for.”

The Ally has confirmed that Governor Sisolak has requested the freeze. UNR provost Kevin Carman added detail to the freeze for UNR administrators.

“The hiring freeze applies to searches currently under way. It allows for filling positions for which an offer has been made and accepted as of March 16. Any other hires will need to be justified and approved by the President and the Chancellor.”

What the hiring freeze at NSHE and other state agencies means for staffing is yet to be determined.


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