The Nikola One hydrogen powered semi - image - the Nikola Corp

Look around you. I’d be willing to bet that trucks, at some point, transported every human-made object within your view, to say nothing of the raw materials that went into those products. From the Erie Canal to the nation’s Interstate System of Highways, the ability to transport goods has been and continues to be an integral aspect of America’s economy and quality of life. Las Vegas and Reno are well-located on major transportation routes in the western United States. Nevada has zero inventory tax, so warehouses and associated trucks are an ever-present feature of the transportation landscape. There are roughly a half a million trucking companies in the US and 3,300 in Nevada. On this edition of the Wild Hare, I visited the offices of the Nevada Trucking Association and spoke with association CEO Paul Enos about a sprawling range of topics from diesel motor technology and climate change to meat substitutes.

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