Perfiles de la Inmigración en Nevada: Joaquin

por Maribel Cuervo

Reno – En nuestro primer perfil en español sobre la inmigración en Nevada, conversamos con Joaquín, quien es originario de la Cuidad de México pero ha radicado en Reno, Nevada, por más de 35 años. Joaquín nos dijo que llego a los Estados Unidos a la edad de 22 años, con la firme intención de rehacer su vida.

Joaquín considera la honestidad como uno de los valores más importantes que se puede tener. Para él, es fundamental ser honesto consigo mismo y con los demás. Joaquín reconoce que la honestidad es la base principal en todas sus acciones y se alegra de ver como sus esfuerzos siguen dado frutos.

Durante nuestra conversación, nos quedó claro que para Joaquín el gran amor por su familia y su inquebrantable fe en Dios es lo que siempre lo ha impulsado a alcanzar lo que muchos aún llaman el Sueño Americano.


Joaquin has lived and worked in Reno, Nevada for 35 years. He was born and raised in Mexico City and came to the United States when he was 22. Unfortunately, Joaquin said he has experienced homelessness in both Mexico and the United States, though Joaquin recognizes that bad decisions and actions led to such circumstances.

Joaquín told me that he has never been afraid of work and has held many jobs, usually two at a time. Joaquin said he is totally focused on his and his family’s well-being. You will hear Joaquin “thank God” throughout the interview; he said he is grateful for all his accomplishments and “all the good people God has placed in his path” and for the “miracles and blessings” he has received, including his own transformation.

In this interview, Joaquin recalls how his brother’s idea and $50 gift launched his “tortas” business. He began selling these Mexican style sandwiches at office buildings and on the streets. After a lot of hard work he launched a food truck and then a restaurant in Sparks, and soon, a new Deli in Reno. Joaquin is proud of his business and told me that every time he prepares food, he puts lots of love in it and imagines his customers enjoying every bite they take.

Even though Joaquin is not yet a US citizen, he refers to the USA as ‘our country’. He said he is not afraid of being deported because he can work anywhere. “We need to always be ready for anything,” Joaquin said.  During the interview, I was surprised by Joaquin’s statement that he had not been affected by the anti-immigrant politics of the day and that he supports President Trump.

Joaquin’s youngest daughter sat silently next to her father during the interview and declined to speak, but Joaquin shared that she is one of “God’s miracles” and that she had recently recovered from leukemia.  Joaquin said his faith and strong family ties are the fuel of his life. He is convinced that with hard work and God’s help, “as Hispanics, we can do anything! ¡Si se puede!”

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