Opinion: Assembly Republican Caucus Leader Robin Titus’ Vision for 2020

by the Assembly Republican Caucus and Assemblywoman Robin Titus

Carson City, NV – The 80th Legislative Session gave Nevada families a glimpse of what they can expect when one party is in control.  We saw anti-business legislation that will force employers to make labor-saving decisions resulting in fewer jobs and higher prices.  We saw an expansion of government that increased regulations and benefited special interest groups. We saw school choice initiatives gutted leaving fewer options for parents and students.  We must redouble our efforts to develop forward-looking solutions that will once again create economic empowerment and opportunity for all Nevadans.

Assembly Republican Caucus Leader Dr. Robin Titus released the following statement on her vision for the 2020 Election Cycle:

“I am honored to be the Assembly Republican Caucus Leader for the 2020 Election Cycle.  We must once again bring our party forward and not allow the far left’s politics to go unchecked.  During the 80th Legislative Session, our colleagues and staff worked hard to mitigate many of the harmful policies of the left.  The Democrats’ national agenda has given us an opportunity to show Nevada families a contrast between Republican and Democrat core principals.

“I am excited to support all of my fellow Republican Assembly and Senate members in their bid for re-election.  Our team will do everything that we can to have each of them return to Carson City.  Their work and efforts have given them the experience and know-how to keep fighting for Nevada families.  Individual votes are not nearly as important as the work of the body as a whole.

“We must now put our efforts toward gaining seats in both the Assembly and Senate.  The time is now to move forward and elect more Republicans.  We cannot allow intra-party bickering to ruin the united front we put forth representing Republican principals in Carson City.  I am ready to rebuild our party and pick up crucial seats. I look forward to working with my fellow Republicans and our exciting Republican candidates in this upcoming election cycle to make Nevada an inclusive home for everyone.”


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