Ormat to use solar energy to power its Tungsten Mountain geothermal plant

Nevada Capital News staff

Carson City – The Bureau of Land Management has approved the Ormat, Tungsten Mountain Solar Project located in Churchill County, Nevada.

The proposed project includes the construction, in two phases, of PV solar array providing up to 18 MW of electrical power for use at the adjacent Tungsten Mountain Geothermal power plant.  The generated electricity would be used solely at the power plant to serve some, or all, of its parasitic power load.  The proposed project is not considered a commercial or industrial scale facility as none of the generated power would be sold to the electrical grid.  A transmission line, approximately 0.4 miles in length, would connect the PV solar array to the existing power plant.  When both phases of the proposed project are completed the PV solar array will cover approximately 130 acres.

The Environmental Assessment analyzed the proposal and potential impacts by Ormat to construct, operate and maintain the Tungsten Mountain Solar Project in Churchill County, NV, and found no significant impact would come from the solar project.  A copy of the EA is available in the Carson City District BLM Office, 5665 Morgan Mill Road, Carson City, NV 89701 and on the project webpage.


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