Mike Pence rallies Republican faithful in Carson City

by Brian Bahouth

Carson City – In a hangar on the far northern side of the Carson City Airport, roughly 1,400 people gathered to hear Vice President Mike Pence speak on behalf of Republican candidates Dean Heller and Adam Laxalt.  Heller is seeking a second term in the US Senate and is locked in a tight race with Democrat Jackie Rosen.  Adam Laxalt is Nevada’s current Attorney General and the Republican candidate for governor.  Laxalt is in a close race with Democrat Steve Sisolak.

The race for one of Nevada’s seats in the US Senate is pivotal for Democrats and Republicans.  The GOP currently holds a one vote majority in the chamber.  The race’s importance has been underscored by a recent visit from President Trump last week in Elko, and a Mike Pence visit on Nevada Day in support of Sen. Heller.

State Senator Ben Kieckhefer led the invocation.  Assemblyman Jim Wheeler led the Pledge of Allegiance. Dean Heller’s wife sang the National Anthem. Adam Laxalt made a few brief remarks.  US Sen. from Georgia David Perdue spoke on Dean Heller’s behalf, and Sen. Heller made a short stump speech. Mike Pence spoke for 27 minutes to an enthusiastic crowd that occasionally broke into chants of “USA …” and “Build the wall …”

Hear State Senator Ben Kieckhefer’s invocation … 


Adam Laxlat spoke to the audience.  Listen below …


US Senator from Georgia David Perdue spoke on Senator Heller’s behalf … listen …


Nevada Republican Dean Heller made a few brief remarks … listen below …

Sen. Dean Heller departs the hangar following the event – image – Brian Bahouth, NCN.


Vice President Mike Pence took to the stage and said his explicit reason for coming to Nevada was to help elect Dean Heller and Adam Laxalt … listen …


Both Roy Testa and Joshua Moore are 15 years old and from Douglas County.  They took a few moments and chatted with Brian Bahouth. Listen to the interview below … 

Both Roy Testa and Joshua Moore are 15 years old and from Douglas County – image – Brian Bahouth, NCN.


“I feel that young people should have a voice,” Joshua Moore said.  “It shouldn’t just be adults coming to these things.”

Roy Testa said he was drawn to politics out of questions about the media.

“I guess just after seeing the news and seeing how every news station is different.  Whoever you watch is pretty much what you think of the world, so getting into politics yourself is a good way that you think on  your own,” Testa said.

At the Pence rally, reporters were restricted to a gated pen, so I asked people as they passed by if they would record an interview, and the responses were frosty, except for two teens from Douglas County, Roy Testa and Joshua Moore.  I asked if they mistrusted the media, and they both emphatically said, “no.”

Joshua Moore wore a red Trump campaign “Make America Great Again” hat, so I asked him about his support for President Trump.

“I have a very strong opinion about the military and immigration and I believe our nation comes first and should always come first,” Moore said.

I asked if they thought that under Democratic leadership, America did not come first, and both were quick to say, “yes.”

The average age of the person at the rally, as a rough guess, was around 50, Testa and Moore were among a small number of younger people in attendance.  I asked if their classmates were into politics.

“Most of them either aren’t even into politics, and if they say they are into politics, all they do is just listen to the news, so whichever news they listen to is what they believe,” Roy Testa said.

I asked where they get their information.

“I try to get it from everybody,” Testa said.  “CBS, Fox, CNN, anything that shows up on my phone I’ll see it, and then I’ll go over to the other news source, see what they said, and if their stories match, then I guess it’s true, and if not, I guess I’ll do a little more digging myself.”

Vendors selling Trump campaign clothing near the Carson City Airport entrance – image – Brian Bahouth, NCN.
Nevada Sen. Dean Heller addressed the audience – image – NCN.
Hood sticker in the parking lot – image – Brian Bahouth, NCN.
Image – Brian BAhouth, NCN.
Image – Brian Bahouth, NCN


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